About Us

Our company set up its first plant in 1995 in Ankara Ostim Industrial Zone; as converting the zinc ashes of galvanized factories to zinc ingot.

Our company made significant progress in its area from beginning. As a result of this success, we have established a second plant to produce commercial grade zinc oxide and brass ingots in Yenikent / Ankara in 1998. We continued producing american process zinc oxide, zinc oxide and French brass ingot in this facility to the year of 2003.

Changing conjuncture after 2000; All costs including energy costs, primarily caused by the excessive increase and the world has led to the departures of the results of the competitive price. Our company has competitive prices with the aim of moving production facilities abroad in 2003.

Installation of our products in our company continues its production in two plants abroad. Our products stocked in two of our warehouses;  Ankara 1st Organized Industrial Zone warehouse and Yenikent / Ankara warehouse.

Our attention to customer needs and satisfaction; showing all the sensitivity required to obtain high-quality products, focus is on timely delivery by keeping a sufficient amount of stock on all products.