Zinc Oxide


French process (also called indirect process) method is combusted with air and is converted to oxide zinc metal evaporation. Our company are producing 99.5% zinc oxide ZnO.


American process (also known as direct process) production method; Zinc reduction of the oxidized material resulting zinc vapor is obtained from the oxidation of carbon with air. Zinc oxide is passed through a coarse filter chamber and are collected in bags to eliminate.

Our company produces min.96,0% - max.98,0% zinc oxide.

Soap, rubber, ceramics, paints, cosmetics, floor coverings, are used in fertilizers and animal feed industry.

Packaging according to customer requirements are made in a variety of packaging. Generally; 25 kg and is made in the form of 750 kg. Our products are sprayed with a circle around the wire and are shipped on pallets to protect them from external influences by turning the nylon film.